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Already since being a small girl Sash discovered in herself the love to performance and art, while making concerts and playing under the limelights of her make-believe opera houses in front of her imaginary spectators and in the elaborate costumes which she conjured in her mind.
Eventually, the fantasies became reality.

From 2011 till 2014 she studied singing, dancing and acting at the Kiev Municipal Academy of Circus and Variety Arts.

While Sash started studying at the Directing Department in 2014, she was suddenly invited to work with the Bingo Circus Theatre from Kiev as a show-dancer. With this troupe she worked at the Circus Knie (Switzerland), the Circus Roncalli and several Christmas productions throughout Germany.

In 2016 Sash took the chance to present herself as a talented, charismatic and filled with magical energy singer. Already in the following Christmas Show of the Circus Roncalli she was flying and singing in the Opening Act together with the „Schola Caro Cantat“ choir. In 2017/2018 Sash was engaged as a show-dancer and as a singer for Circus Roncalli’s Germany tour.

In 2018 / 2019 Sash was performing as a show-singer in „Roncalli Christmas Circus“ (Tempodrom, Berlin).

∞ Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Roncalli Orchestra by G. Pommer)

∞ Trapez Act (Roncalli Orchestra by G. Pommer)

∞ Bring On The Night (Entrance Roncalli by G. Pommer)

∞ Give´em The Rock  (Entrance Roncalli by G. Pommer)

∞ Hallelujah in REHEARSAL (Roncalli Orchestra by G. Pommer)

∞ Café Luna (Entrance Roncalli by G. Pommer)

∞ Long Train Running (Entrance Roncalli by G. Pommer)

Sash  •  Oleksandra Duwentester

+49 176 45610944

    „LIVE“  Music directed by:
    Georg Pommer
    Photosession „Innsbruck 2016“:
    Kate Koreneva
    Various photos „Circus…“:
    Dmitry Shakhin
    Various photos „Circus…“:
    Ann-Kathrin Brocks